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Devil May Cry 4

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Devil May Cry 4may-cry.jpgYou’ll probably remember Devil May Cry 3 for the PlayStation 2 as being an unfairly difficult game, yet one that rewarded your patience with a slew of high-quality action. If playing it gave you tears of frustration, you’ll be happy to learn that although this sequel is a challenge, it’s by no means an extreme one. In fact, you’re given an excellent number of gameplay choices that help you tailor the challenge to your preferences. You can initially choose one of two difficulties (and if you want to cry like a little girl, you can unlock several more), and you can even choose whether you want the game to perform some combos for you automatically. No, you aren’t apt to find Devil May Cry 4 to be excessively tough on your first play-through, though it is no walk in the park either. However, it is generally excessive–not that that’s a bad thing. Stylish action, terrific boss fights, and beautiful, melodramatic cutscenes will inspire you to push forward, and they serve as an appropriate reward for a well-played sequence of demon slaying.

Balanar-The Night Stalker

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balanar.jpgBalanar – The Night Stalker
Range: 100 | | Move Speed: 295 | Primary: STR
Str: 23 + 2.8 | Agi: 18 + 2.25 | Int: 16 + 1.25

Damage: 47 – 51 | HP: 587 | Mana: 208
HP Regen: 0.94 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 1.39 (+ 18% IAS) |
: 5.5
VoidVoid (V)
Creates a damaging void. If cast at night, slows the target for 4 seconds.
Level 1 – Deals 90 damage.

Level 2 – Deals 160 damage.

Level 3 – Deals 255 damage.
Level 4 – Deals 335 damage.
Mana Cost: 90/ 112/ 130/ 145
Cooldown: 7

Crippling FearCrippling Fear ()

In the night, the Night Stalker can cause intense fear in enemy units, causing them to miss attacks and be unable to cast spells.10% miss and silence for 3 seconds in the day at all levels.

Level 1 – Miss on 10% of attacks, slow by 4%. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 – Miss on 20% of attacks, slow by 8%. Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 – Miss on 30% of attacks, slow by 12%. Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 4 – Miss on 40% of attacks, slow by 16%. Lasts 8 seconds.
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 12

Hunter In The NightHunter in the Night ()
The Night Stalker is at home at night. He attacks and moves more swiftly.
Level 1 – 15% movement speed, 20% attack speed.

Level 2 – 20% movement speed, 35% attack speed.

Level 3 – 30% movement speed, 55% attack speed.
Level 4 – 35% movement speed, 75% attack speed.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

DarknessDarkness (R)
Freezes the time and create a period of Darkness for the Night Stalker to thrive in.

Level 1 – Create darkness for 25 second night.

Level 2 – Create darkness for 50 seconds.
Level 3 – Create darkness for 80 seconds.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: 240/ 210/ 150

Cristiano Ronaldo And Cesc Fabregas

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Cesc FabregasCristiano RonaldoRonaldo was born in Funchal, Portugal, to Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and the late José Dinis Aveiro (1954 – London, 5 September 2005). He has one older brother, Hugo (b. 1975), and two elder sisters, Elma (b. 1974) and Liliana Cátia (b. Madeira, 5 October 1976). Liliana Cátia works as a singer by the stage name “Ronalda” in Portugal. Cristiano’s second given name (“Ronaldo”) is relatively rare in Portugal. His parents named him after former Hollywood actor and U.S. President Ronald Reagan due to his late father’s respect for the man.

Ronaldo made his debut for Manchester United as a 60th minute substitute against Bolton Wanderers at Old Trafford, a 4-0 Manchester United win. On 29 October 2005, Ronaldo scored Manchester United’s 1000th Premier League goal, in a 4-1 loss at the hands of Middlesbrough. He bagged a double double in February, with two goals at home to Fulham and another pair at Fratton Park, and also scored in the following Premier League game against Wigan taking his tally to 8 Premier League goals. On 26 February 2006, Ronaldo played in the Carling Cup Final against Wigan in the Millennium Stadium at Cardiff, and scored a goal – taking his season’s tally to 10 goals. He was named FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year 2005, the only award to be voted for by fans. He received the same accolade the following year in 2006. He was also ranked 20th in the FIFA Player of the Year 2005 standings.

Fàbregas started playing club football at FC Barcelona. During his youth career, he was played mostly as a volante (defensive midfielder), yet he was also a prolific scorer, sometimes scoring more than 30 goals in a season.However, he did not play a first-team game at the Camp Nou. Sensing that he would have limited opportunities at Barcelona if he stayed, he decided to join Arsenal, signing for the London club on 11 September 2003.Initially, he found life difficult in England’s capital but soon struck a friendship with team-mate Philippe Senderos, who helped him settle down. As a 16-year-old, Fàbregas did not even think about breaking into the first team but looked up to his seniors Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva, while concentrating on training and learning the English language. He made his début not long after, on October 23, 2003, in a League Cup tie at home to Rotherham United. In doing so he became Arsenal’s youngest ever first-team player, aged 16 years and 177 days. He then became the youngest goalscorer in Arsenal’s history in a later round of the League Cup, scoring in a 5–1 victory against Wolves. in the Although Arsenal went on to win the league unbeaten2003–04 season, Fàbregas was not given a winner’s medal because he did not play a single league game.


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ArsenalArsenal Football Club (also known as Arsenal, The Arsenal or The Gunners) are an English professional football club based in Holloway, North London. They play in the Premier League and are one of the most successful clubs in English football, having won thirteen First Division and Premier League titles and ten FA Cups.

Arsenal were founded in 1886, though they won their first major trophies in the 1930s, with five League Championship titles and two FA Cups. After a lean period in the post-war years they became only the second club of the 20th century to win the Double in 1970–71, and during the past twenty years they have been one of the most successful clubs in English football — in this time Arsenal won two further Doubles, the Premier League in 2003–04 unbeaten, and in 2005–06 became the first London club to reach the UEFA Champions League final.

The club’s colours have traditionally been red and white, although these have evolved through history. Similarly, the club have changed location over time; the team were initially founded in Woolwich, south-east London, but in 1913 they moved north across the city to Arsenal Stadium, Highbury. In 2006 they made a less drastic move to their current home, the Emirates Stadium in nearby Holloway.

Arsenal have a large fanbase, who hold a string of long-standing rivalries with several other clubs; the most notable of these is with neighbours Tottenham Hotspur, with whom they regularly contest the North London derby. Arsenal are one of the richest clubs in English football (worth over £600m as of 2007), and thanks to their stature, have regularly featured in portrayals of football in British culture. Arsenal Ladies are the most successful English club in women’s football and are also affiliated with the club.

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

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Ring Of DeathThe Xbox 360 can be subject to a number of technical problems. Since the console’s release in 2005, the product earned note in the press questioning its reliability and failure rate of the early consoles.

To aid customers with defective consoles, Microsoft has extended the Xbox 360’s manufacturer’s warranty to three years for general failure errors.

Since these problems surfaced, design modifications have been made to the console to improve reliability. All consoles manufactured after June 2007 have extensive revisions from the earliest units. Modifications include a reduction in the number, size and placement of components, including modifications to the mounting methodology,[74] and a second GPU heatsink to dissipate more heat.

In February 2008 a 3rd party warranty firm, SquareTrade, made a press release concerning the 1040 Xbox 360 customers they had sold warranties. They found that 171 consoles (16.4%) were returned under warranty as “disabled”, of those 60% were reported as general hardware failure.

Assassin’s Creed

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Assassin’s CreedAssassin’s Creed is a third-person stealth game in which the player assumes the role of Desmond Miles, an average bartender who is the last descendant of a long family line of assassins. Desmond has been taken to a facility where he is forced to use the Animus, a machine that traces and recreates the memories of his ancestors during the Third Crusade. Through these genetic memories, the player controls Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad (الطائر ابن لا أحد , Arabic, “The Flying One, Son of None”), a member of the Assassin Brotherhood which is allied with one of the sides during the third crusade. Altaïr’s objective in the game is to slay nine historical figures propagating the Crusades in the year 1191. (According to Ubisoft developers, all of the main character’s targets are historical figures who died or disappeared in 1191, although not necessarily by assassination.)

 The primary goal of the game is to complete nine assassinations. To achieve this goal, the player must use stealth and a variety of intelligence gathering tactics to collect information on their target. These tactics include eavesdropping, forceful interrogation, pickpocketing, and completing tasks for Informers (other assassins who will give you information in exchange for assassinating targets or collecting flags). Additionally, the player may take part in any number of side missions, including climbing tall towers to map out the city and saving citizens that are being threatened or harassed by the city guards. There are also various side quests unrelated to the story such as hunting down and killing Templars and flag collecting.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

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Ratchet & ClankRatchet and Clank are assembling a bike in Metropolis on Planet Kerwan when they get a message from Captain Qwark asking them for help in defeating “a few thousand heavily armed robotic commandos” that have just invaded the city. After their bike fails, they reach the Planetary Defense Centre, only to find Qwark missing and Ratchet as the reason for the invasion. Emperor Tachyon, crown prince of the Cragmites is after Ratchet, the last Lombax in the universe and is leading the invasion for that purpose alone.

Ratchet and Clank hijack the Emperor’s ship and head into space, crashing later on the swamp-world of Cobalia, in the Polaris Galaxy, the duo battle their way through the hostile wildlife and reach Cobalia’s spaceport, where the duo meets “The Smuggler” and his talking parrot. In exchange for restoring the planet’s gel-creation factory to full operation, the Smuggler “procures” a ride to Stratus City, which is as far as he can take them.

As they reach the planet, The Smuggler informs the duo of their location, and the mostly-unknown history of Tachyon, and reveals the Cragmite race was wiped out by the Lombaxes, leaving Tachyon the sole-survivor and Lombaxes to be hailed as saviours of the Universe. In order to avoid being shot down for carrying a Lombax, the Smuggler ejects the duo over the city of Stratus. While in the city, Clank is visited by invisible robotic creatures called “Zoni”, which outfit him with new wings. The Zoni will continue to retrofit Clank or aid him several times through the game.

At the hall of knowledge in Stratus City, the duo discover the co-ordinates of the Lombaxes’ home planet, Fastoon and head for it, only to find that the planet was deserted ages ago, sometime after the great war. Ratchet spots an old ship there and is compelled to repair it, in doing so re-activating its A.I., Aphelion. Aphelion manages to reveal some data on what happened to the Lombaxes from her time in the Great War, but is unable to recall their fate. After further battles with Tachyon’s forces, they reunite with Qwark who reveals that Tachyon is after the Lombaxes’ secret, rumoured to be the powerful weapon that wiped out the Cragmite race and is in the possession of Max Apogee.

The duo head off in their new ship for The Apogee Orbit Station, base of famed(but missing and presumed dead) hunter Max Apogee. They are initially attacked by the station’s two chief warbots and their leader Talwyn Apogee, daughter of Max Apogee. However once Ratchet is identified as a Lombax, they lower their weapons. Talwyn reveals that the “Lombax secret” had been stolen years ago by a team of space pirates under the command of Captain Slag and her father had left to pursue them. They team up and head out to search for the Lombax Secret.

Upon finding a deserted Lombax outpost, the duo encounters The Plumber, who tells them that a weapon powerful enough to destroy the Cragmite race all at once doesn’t exist, however the Lombax Secret does. After providing them with an unusual golden gear (“just in case”) the plumber tests out his toilet-shaped transportation device and vanishes. The duo meet up with Talwyn and the warbots, and find a Lombax database that reveals that the Lombax Secret is a helmet named “The Dimensionator”, the ultimate piece of Lombax technology, which generates wormholes and opens portals to other dimensions to whoever wields it. The Lombaxes used it to banish the Cragmites to another dimension to free the galaxy from their oppressive rule.

Seeking answers, Ratchet and Clank break through the pirate defenses on the Kreeli Comet to access IRIS, the ultimate supercomputer, where they are able to briefly repair it and learn of the Dimensionator’s location. Unfortunately, while the duo are able to seize it, Slag and his pirates force Ratchet to surrender it. The duo soon tracks them down, and Ratchet, hell-bent on getting it back, fights Slag in a massive duel, in which Slag is utterly destroyed. Rusty Pete and the pirates, as per to the pirate code, declare their allegiance to Ratchet. Clank, heeding the Zonis’ advice, urges Ratchet to destroy it, as wormhole generation is too dangerous for anyone to use, but Ratchet argues how Clank is always putting him down with his superior intelligence and he doesn’t truly understand how he feels about finding out about his origins.

Before Ratchet can use the helmet, Qwark arrives and steals the Dimensionator, declaring he will become a hero to Polaris by throwing the Dimensionator into a black hole, but the escape pod he pilots instead takes him to Tachyon on the Cragmites’ abandoned homeworld. Ratchet and Clank, their relationship still drifting apart, confront Tachyon, but its too late, as he activates the Dimensionator and summons a small force of Cragmites back to the Galaxy. The energy shockwaves cause the platform they are standing on to collapse, and the duo are separated in the fall to the planet’s catacombs.

Ratchet reunites with Talwyn and the warbots at his ship, having seen no sign of Clank, he assumes his trusted sidekick to have died in the fall, and begins mourning him, but Clank soon arrives and Ratchet, overjoyed, finally acknowledges Clank was right and resolves to destroy the Dimensionator before more Cragmites are unleashed.

The duo and Talwyn’s gang, after saving the last free world in Polaris from being conquered by Tachyon’s Cragmite-reinforced army, confront Tachyon’s assembled armada on Fastoon, where Tachyon is planning to colonize it as the new Cragmite homeworld. Massacring wave after wave of Tachyon’s soldiers, destroying his warships, and killing all of the summoned Cragmites, the assembled gang finally confronts Tachyon in the Court of Azimuth, the heart of the Lombax planet.

Tachyon reveals the fate of the Lombaxes: Tachyon was found as an egg and, because he was the last Cragmite in the universe, was raised by Lombaxes, and upon learning of his origins, assembled his army, equipped with Lombax technology and weaponry, and laid waste to Fastoon. As the planet burned all around them, the surviving Lombaxes, assembled in the Court itself, agreed to use the Dimensionator to send themselves to another dimension to rebuild their race and hopefully convince Tachyon to cease his rampage. Two Lombaxes remained behind, however, the Guardian of the Dimensionator, and his infant son…Ratchet. Tachyon reveals he killed the Guardian in his quest to secure the Dimensionator, but was unable to find and kill Ratchet as his father had sent him to Veldin in the Solana galaxy for his own safety (explaining how Ratchet came to be there). Tachyon, understanding Ratchet’s desire to know about his origins, opens up a portal to the Lombax Dimension, where Ratchet sees a futuristic city inhabited by his people, and Tachyon offers Ratchet one chance to be with his people and never be bothered by him again.

Ratchet, though extremely tempted, refuses. He knows the entire Universe wouldn’t be safe as long as Tachyon wields the Dimensionator. Because his friends, the Polaris Galaxy, and especially his people (guessing Tachyon would one day invade and destroy the Lombaxes in their dimension) would either be destroyed or conquered by Tachyon if Ratchet left, and because Ratchet wants revenge for his father, he refuses to leave, and Ratchet and Clank confront Tachyon in a final battle.

The repeated weapons fire causes the Dimensionator to malfunction (exposing to Ratchet the dangers of using wormhole technology) and Tachyon is sucked through an unstable wormhole, dragging the duo with him. The three arrive in a meteor field in space, and continue their fighting until Ratchet destroys Tachyon’s War Throne. As Tachyon barely resists being pulled into a nearby black hole, Tachyon yells that he is the only living person who knows Ratchet’s real name and his purpose. As he is sucked in, Tachyon yells that they can’t get rid of him so easily, and that the Cragmite’s return to the universe is inevitable (hinting he has a way to survive the black hole).

As the field is ripped apart, Ratchet and Clank are saddened to find the Dimensionator is broken, and is missing a 3 3/4 centicubit hexagonal washer, which is conveniently exactly the same washer the Plumber give them “just in case”. The device is temporarily fixed before sending the duo back to Fastoon, with Ratchet barely surviving the trip.

The assembled characters go back to relax on Apogee Station, with Qwark becoming the pirate’s new leader (and Rusty Pete trying, in vain, to teach him how to utter pirate growls, questioning how he “ever became Captain of anything”) and the warbots re-enacting Ratchet and Tachyon’s battle (with Zephyr wielding Ratchet’s wrench and Cronk the permanently-broken Dimensionator) for Talwyn. Ratchet and Clank themselves, however, have a heart-to-heart talk, where Ratchet asks if Tachyon was telling the truth about his father and people, and while Clank admits he detected no lies in Tachyon’s voice, he believes Ratchet accomplished his purpose; he defeated Tachyon, something even the Lombaxes could not do.

Suddenly, a dimensional rift opens and three Zoni, visible to all, emerge and envelope Clank in an unusual energy and begin dragging him towards the rift, effortlessly shirking off Ratchet’s attempts to stop them from taking his friend. As they approach the opening, the Zoni tell Clank they are bringing him “home” and intend for him to learn “who he is” and “what he’ll become”, with the unusual energy making Clank willing to go (The Zoni have referred to Clank as “Sire” throughout the game, implying he is some form of long-lost royalty to their species). The Zoni and Clank disappear with the rift, and Ratchet and the others are left standing there, helpless.