Nissan Teana

The Nissan Teana is a front wheel drive mid-size automobile produced by Nissan of Japan, introduced in 2003. It is exported as the Nissan Maxima and Nissan Cefiro to certain markets, not to be confused with the Nissan Maxima sold in North America. It shares a platform with the North American Nissan Maxima and Nissan Altima, as well as the Japanese market Nissan Presage.Powering the Teana is either 2.3 or 3.5 liter engine which matches to the automatic transmission. Trim levels are 230JK, 230JM, 230JS, and 350JS.The Renault Samsung Motors SM7 of South Korea is built on the Teana platform. In January 2005, Renault Samsung announced a lower-specification version of the Teana which it will sell as the SM5.In the People’s Republic of China, the Teana is manufactured by the Dongfeng Motor Company, a joint venture with Nissan. In the neighbouring country of Pakistan, the Teana is still known as Cefiro and is assembeled in Karachi. Additionally, it is sold in India, Russia, Ukraine as well as in New Zealand and Australia where it competes with the locally produced Mitsubishi 380 and Toyota Aurion under the Maxima badge.


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