Gears Of War 2 Coming Soon ( XBOX 360)

The fact that Epic Games is at work on a sequel to 2006’s massive Xbox 360 hit Gears of War is one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets. Aside from being a logical business move–Gears has sold 4.5 million copies globally across the Xbox 360 and PC to date–Epic has been less than opaque about its intentions, even as far back as last year’s Game Developers Conference when lead designer Clifford Bleszinski (aka Cliffy B) said that his company “intends to do a sequel.”

The question, then, has been when would Microsoft and Epic finally get around to making the announcement. True to rampant speculation, that reveal came today during Microsoft’s keynote speech at the 2008 Game Developers Conference

After Epic founder Tim Sweeney and president Mike Capps left the stage with no mention of the shooter midway through Microsoft’s presentation, the lights dimmed to close out the keynote…and a trailer for Gears of War 2 played. Cliffy B then stormed the stage, chainsaw rifle in hand, revealing the game would officially light up Microsoft’s console exclusively this November.

No PC version of the game was mentioned, though Epic released an enhanced PC port of the sci-fi third-person shooter a year after its console counterpart.


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