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Ujian Akhir Nasional

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ujian-akhir-nasional1Ujian Nasional 2009 akan segera berlangsung pada tanggal 27 April-30 April. Di hari-hari tersebut adalah hari yang paling mengerikan karena akan menentukan kelulusan dan masa depan. Hasil ujian itu pun akan tertera di Ijazah dan disitu dapat kita lihat nilai kita. Saya sebagai murid kelas 3 SMP dan saya bersekolah di SIB(Sekolah Indonesia Bangkok) pun cemas terhadap UAN mendatang. Disini kami hanya berempat dikelas. Bapak-Ibu Guru pun mengajarkan banyak materi agar kami berhasil di hari nanti. Dan yang paling saya takuti adalah batas miminal kelulusan sudah semakin tinggi yaitu 5,25 padahal dulunya hanya 4,25 atau 5,00.

Kami disini berusaha keras agar lulus dengan hasil yang memuaskan karena persaingan untuk masuk SMA di Indonesia sangat susah dan banyak NEM diatas 36. UAN ini adalah bukan latihan jadi jangan sekali-sekali anggap UAN adalah latihan.Kita harus tempur mati-matian untuk menhadapi UAN ini. Ingat hasil UAN anda adalah hasil yang selama ini anda belajar. UAN juga terdiri dari empat mata pelajaran yaitu: Bahasa Indonesia,Bahasa Inggris,Matematika,dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam bagi yang SMP. Kami disini akan belajar serius untuk menhadapi UAN tersebut dan saya harapkan anak-anak di Indonesia juga serius menghadapi UAN tersebut. Salam dari 3 SMP Sekolah Indonesia Bangkok. Terima Kasih

Website untuk Menghadapi UAN


Iron Man

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Iron Man is an upcoming 2008 superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film is directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialistAfghanistan. Ordered to build a missile, Stark uses his resources instead to build a suit of power armor and make his escape. Returning to America, Stark improves his armor and becomes the technologically advanced superhero Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow plays his secretary and love interest Virginia Potts, Terrence Howard plays jet pilot James Rhodes, and Jeff Bridges plays the villainous Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger. who is captured by terrorists in

The film began development at Universal Studios in 1990 as a low-budget production. 20th Century FoxNew Line Cinema four years later. Marvel StudiosCalifornia, rejecting the East Coast setting of the comics so as to differentiate the film from numerous superhero movies set in New York City-esque environments. Stan Winston Studios built the armor seen in the film, which is modeled after Adi Granov’s comic book art of the character; Granov himself started working on the film after recognizing his work on the director’s MySpace page. earned the rights in 1996, before handing them over to reacquired the rights in 2006, and put the project in production as their first self-financed film. Favreau signed on as director, aiming for a realistic feel, and chose to shoot the film primarily in

Marvel and Paramount Pictures, the distributor, have planned a $50 million marketing campaign for the film, which is modeled on Paramount’s successful promotion of Transformers (2007); Hasbro and Sega will sell merchandise, and product placement deals were made with Audi, Burger King and 7-Eleven. Iron Man will be released in most countries on April 30, 2008, and the film’s stars have signed on for a sequel. Favreau had planned out a trilogy, depicting Stark’s alcoholism, Rhodes becoming War Machine, and the introduction of the Mandarin, whose presence is foreshadowed in this film. Downey is also reprising his role in the upcoming The Incredible Hulk.

W960i Overview

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8GB – room for musical variation

Mellow pop? Hard rock? Reggae, hip hop, jazz? With the W960i, there’s room for it all – you can store up to 8000 songs (eAAC+ format) in your phone. The convenient PlayNow™ download service is the fastest and easiest way to personalise your mobile phone with an MP3 music tone. In just three clicks you’ll have a new ringtone ready to play. *PlayNow™ availability depends on your location, and network operator support.


The Walkman® touch player let you manage your music the easy way. Enjoy album art on the large phone display and use your fingers to play the song you want. The Sony Ericsson W960i is a smooth operator with business acumen to spare. Take this compact office with you wherever you go, and have everything you need to do business at hand. Read and send email, edit office documents and enjoy fast, always-on Internet access. Take the work out of the job. View videos in TV quality on the W960i display. Or connect to your PC, synchronize and enjoy podcasts on your phone. All the software you need – and a stereo headset – is included in phone kit.

Grand Theft Auto IV

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Grand Theft Auto IVGrand Theft Auto IV is looking superb. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s looking finished. The millions of eager fans who were disappointed by the game’s postponement can rest easy, because bar a major catastrophe, the game should make its planned April release date. Having played it for two and a half hours at Rockstar’s London offices, we can report that the game is running smoothly, has relatively few bugs, and is as intricately detailed as we’d hope a GTA game would be. In fact, playing five missions and exploring two of the game’s massive districts was almost too much to digest in one sitting, and we left intoxicated by the amount of new characters, areas, and gameplay that it has to offer.

Our demo kicked off at the beginning of the game itself in a mission called Jamaican Heat. Niko has traveled to Liberty City on the back of a promise of wealth and opportunity from his cousin Roman. Once Niko arrives, he finds the truth to be very different, and we join them both in the office of Roman’s taxi firm. Roman is fielding phone calls from angry customers while Niko is pacing up and down the room. Niko is then tasked with going to meet a character called Little Jacob, a Jamaican stoner whose main interests lie in the acquisition and use of drugs.

The voice-over work is pretty much finished at this stage, and it’s of the same high quality that we’ve come to expect from the Grand Theft Auto series. Little Jacob’s vocal style makes him pretty hard to understand, but there are subtitles available should you need them. The incidental conversations still help to flesh out the characters in GTAIV, and they’ve become even more well-rounded thanks to a multitude of dialogue recordings. Conversations change depending on how you approach missions, so if you have to repeat them, you’re unlikely to hear the same exchange the second time. We played one assassination mission that took place on a train platform, and the preceding cutscene changed completely when we approached the target from a different angle.

GTA: San Andreas really upped the ante in terms of character customisation, given that it let you completely change your appearance through exercise, diet, and clothing. GTAIV ditches the role-playing game elements, but you’ll still be able to customise Niko as well as take him for a bite to eat. During some of our downtime in Liberty City, we dropped by a discount-clothing store and swapped his standard jeans-and-jacket combo for a more sportswear-oriented look. We were able to buy sweatpants, a sports jacket, boots, and sunglasses during our visit, and although it was hardly appropriate attire for an Eastern European crook, we liked being able to go into a shop and change clothes before a mission. After that we headed to a local diner, and in another nice touch, the staff and customers put their hands in the air. Apparently everybody thinks you’re about to rob them when you forget to put your weapon away.

Although Rockstar has often pushed the envelope in terms of story, characterisation, and music, it has been criticised in the past for poor control systems. San Andreas tried to improve things with auto-aim and lock-on, but the combat still felt muddled and imprecise. The controls have evolved once again for this outing, with subtle changes made to the locking system; targeting is handled on the left trigger, and it automatically locks on to the closest enemy in sight. If you fire with the right trigger, you’ll shoot at the body of your enemy, but this is nonfatal and it can take more than a few shots to bring your opponent down. However, flick the right analogue stick upward and you’ll aim for the head, where it’s one shot to kill. Though this takes more dexterity to pull off, it’s worth attempting if you want to take successive enemies out in one fell swoop. In addition to the new aiming system, there’s also a new cover mechanic that uses the right bumper on the Xbox 360. It’s not quite Gears of War in terms of run-and-gun action, but using cover does let you consider your targets from safety before popping out to fire, or even blind firing if you’re in real trouble. You can also hold “A” to run between cover, and though it’s not done to the same extreme as in John Woo’s Stranglehold, you’ll see enemies pulling off slides and rolls as they move between cover.

These small adjustments certainly refine the regular combat of GTAIV with respect to its predecessors. However, the biggest improvement has undoubtedly been in drive-by shooting. In previous games, you were limited to firing left and right out of the car at fixed right angles, but now you’re able to shoot freely by holding the left bumper and moving the right analogue stick. When you first move to aim, Niko smashes out the window of the vehicle and a targeting reticle appears. It’s still slightly fiddly if you’re trying to drive and shoot at the same time, but we managed to take down a whole gang of drug dealers on our first attempt.

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

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GerrardAdebayor Arsenal were the better side over the 90 minutes but Liverpool will hope the trademark Anfield atmosphere will help them into the semi-final for the second successive year after Kuyt’s crucial away goal.

But the tie remains in the balance and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will believe his side showed enough to suggest they can also grab a goal at Anfield next Tuesday.

Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina gave his side an early scare when an ill-judged dash from his goal resulted in him missing Cesc Fabregas’s through ball but he recovered to block Adebayor.

Abedayor’s strike partner Van Persie wasted a glorious opportunity after 20 minutes when he was picked out by Mathieu Flamini’s through ball but he lifted a left-foot volley over the bar.

There was no escape for Liverpool when Arsenal took a deserved lead three minutes later through Adebayor.

Van Persie worked a short corner routine with Fabregas and crossed for Adebayor, who rose to head home, with Sami Hyypia hopelessly flat-footed and Reina helpless.

The home side’s lead lasted only three minutes when Gerrard took advantage of some feeble challenges to drive into the area and cross for Kuyt to bundle home from inside the six-yard box.

Arsenal boss Wenger was forced into a change for the second half, when Theo Walcott came on to replace the injury-cursed Van Persie, who had suffered a left thigh problem in the closing stages of the first period.

And they almost had a bigger problem after 47 minutes but keeper Manuel Almunia saved well low down from Kuyt after Arsenal had failed to clear Gerrard’s free-kick.

But Walcott gave the Gunners hope when he cut inside and unleashed a drive from 25 yards that flew just wide.

It prompted Liverpool into a change after 57 minutes when Yossi Benayoun was sent on for the disappointing Ryan Babel.

Arsenal had picked up the pace and Martin Skrtel needed to be well placed to smuggle Emmanuel Eboue’s shot off the line.

Liverpool had an amazing escape after 65 minutes when Kuyt clearly dragged Hleb back by the arm as he raced into the area but Arsenal were understandably furious when Dutch referee Pieter Vink ignored their appeals.

Substitute Nicklas Bendtner then unwittingly cleared a Fabregas shot off the line but he had already been ruled offside.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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gran1.jpggran-turismo.jpg Sony showed off a work-in-progress version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the PlayStation 3. The near-final version of the game didn’t differ much from the preview version we recently saw, but the press event gave Sony reps a chance to reveal some updates to the game. In particular, they explained the differences between the game that will ship to stores on a Blu-ray disc and the version that will show up on the PlayStation Network store.

For those who haven’t followed it, GT5 Prologue is a meaty tidbit that Polyphony Digital is dropping for fans of the Gran Turismo series to tide them over until Gran Turismo 5 hits. The game has a respectable selection of gameplay modes, including online multiplayer, and a selection of cars for fans to hone their skills on in anticipation of GT5.

As in Japan, the game will come in two flavors: one you can download from the PlayStation Network and one you can pick up in a store on Blu-ray. The key difference is a documentary-style movie that offers a history of the series and follows the team as they go about their business working on the game. The behind-the-scenes flick will be exclusive to the Blu-ray version of the game, which will feature the same content as the PSN game without taking up the hard-drive space. In addition, GT5 Prologue will contain content not seen in the Japanese release, which hit late last year. Fans can look forward to 70 cars, exclusive music tracks, six racing tracks, 16-player online support, GT-TV mode content updates, and two-player split-screen play.

With the game so close to release, all we’ve got to say is check out the media we’ve taken for the game and drool. The wait won’t be too much longer. Keep an eye out for our full review of GT5 Prologue soon.

Devil May Cry 4

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Devil May Cry 4may-cry.jpgYou’ll probably remember Devil May Cry 3 for the PlayStation 2 as being an unfairly difficult game, yet one that rewarded your patience with a slew of high-quality action. If playing it gave you tears of frustration, you’ll be happy to learn that although this sequel is a challenge, it’s by no means an extreme one. In fact, you’re given an excellent number of gameplay choices that help you tailor the challenge to your preferences. You can initially choose one of two difficulties (and if you want to cry like a little girl, you can unlock several more), and you can even choose whether you want the game to perform some combos for you automatically. No, you aren’t apt to find Devil May Cry 4 to be excessively tough on your first play-through, though it is no walk in the park either. However, it is generally excessive–not that that’s a bad thing. Stylish action, terrific boss fights, and beautiful, melodramatic cutscenes will inspire you to push forward, and they serve as an appropriate reward for a well-played sequence of demon slaying.